At Driving Skills Academy we use the Total Drive App to ensure you know exactly when your lessons are and track how much progress you are making. 

Our Learners love using these features:


  • Booked Lessons
  • Past Lessons
  • Free Lesson Reminders
  • Lesson Summary & Comments
  • Payments & Block Bookings
  • Detailed Progress Report
  • Test Bookings

The App provides a modern approach to learning to drive, using the latest teaching methods. Enabling reflection from each lesson ensures you remain focused with set goals and pass your test in the shortest amount of time. It’s great fun to use.

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App Snapshot

What you see…

The home screen provides a snapshot when you log in. You can easily see your lessons, driving summary, syllabus progress as well as your theory and practical test dates.

The student app enables full digital records! All information is accessible to you, including booked and past lessons with pick-up and drop-off points, payments (total hours delivered and prepaid credit), messages, lesson notes and reflective logs that you can fill out via the app.

Track Your Progress

A great reason to keeping checking the app

You can stay up-to-date with your progress by seeing a full breakdown of the driving syllabus for each individual skill. You’ll also receive an automatic message when the instructor updates your progress.

The lesson summary zone provides a percentage bar overview of each ability category. You can also view notes for each lesson that your instructor has written.

Download and Install for FREE

Once you’ve signed up to take your driving lessons, you will receive a text message containing a link to download your copy of the free pupil app from the app store.  It is available on both Android and IOS.

In this text message, you will receive a unique password that should be entered into the app.  Once this has been done you may change or enter your personal information if anything is missing or incorrect. Alternatively you can search for the app on your appropriate online app store.

Download App from Android Store
Download from App Store
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